PLC offline programming

We create and commission PLC programs for unique applications as well as in the existing standards. Our software is always put to thorough tests before it is commissioned and started up online, thereby reducing the time and costs of an online commissioning. The service of programming PLC industrial controllers is comprehensive. By improving our skills, we execute projects all over the world. Our experience enables us to provide reliable and at the same time modern services.

Optimisation of the existing lines

With the optimisation tools, the maximum efficiency may be attained. Every element of the production line is analysed. Optimisation services offered include:

  • optimisation of the existing production lines,
  • reconstruction of the existing production lines,
  • integration with new types of devices,
  • minimisation of delays,
  • analysis of the efficiency of technology lines

Online programming, commissioning

While commissioning projects, we implement all suggestions from the customer, and additionally propose improvements to:

  • shorten the cycle time,
  • increase the performance,
  • extend the service life of the components of the line,
  • streamline the service,
  • increase the ease of troubleshooting

Software standards development

With our experience acquired from the projects executed, we can customise programs and develop programming standards. A programming standard make all PLC controllers have the same program structure, which:

  • streamlines the diagnostics – with the same error messages for every line,
  • makes it possible to remove faults quickly – error messages indicate a solution to the problem,
  • increases the ease of operation – control panels standardised,
  • provides the ease of integrating new elements with the line – ready control blocks and visualisation components can be used

Production support

If necessary, production support can be provided to maintain the traffic, as well as to suggest streamlining solutions. The streamlining of the production lines already in use is a priority when they are being optimised.

Creation of visualisations

An inseparable part of each project is its visualisation. When made properly to be clear and easy to operate in the first place, a visualization can used for controlling purposes, as well as to considerably facilitate troubleshooting, with statistics provided to improve the optimisation of the production.

Integration of control processes and systems

We offer the services of modernising the existing production lines. These include introducing new quality control systems, automating the processes that are carried out manually, and adding new processes to the existing production lines.

Cooperation with production management systems

Projects that we realise can operate as stand-alone machines or can be integrated with the existing production management systems to facilitate production management, logistics and planning.